Experimental hardware

  • Horiba Scientific LabRam HR Evolution confocal Raman spectrometer system
    • 532nm (1-100 mW), 633nm (17-50 mW), 785nm (90-200 mW) excitation lines
    • Class 1 enclosure and polarizers
    • Automated XYZ stage with 0.1 mm step resolution
    • Two CCD detectors (Synapse EM)
    • Objective lens 4×0.10 NA (18.5-mm WD), 10×0.25 NA (10.6-mm WD), and 100×0.80 NA (3.4-mm WD)
    • Gratings of 300, 600, 1800, and 2400 grooves per millimeter with as high as 0.3 cm-1 resolution
    • Horiba’s DualScan and Swift technologies
  • TMC optical table
  •  Various other secondary microscopes fitted with CCD camera and ~0.5-5 mm resolution
    • Nikon Optiphot 2 POL microscope (objectives 4x/0.10 NA; 10x/0.25 NA LWD) fitted to a KT Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera (1057 to 38,000 fps)
  • Teledyne ISCO 65DM syringe pumps, 0.01 μL/min to 30 mL/min, up to 689 bar
  •  Cole-Parmer PTFE dosing pumps
  •  Harvard Apparatus PHD pumps
  • Elveflow OB1 mk3 pressure controller
  • Various Cole-Parmer and Elveflow manifolds for sampling
  • DC power supply and data acquisition hardware for temperature control
  • ICI 9640 P Series infrared camera with resolution of 1oC and 7-14 mm from -40 to 200oC
  • Ocean Optics UV-vis spectroscopic system
  • Brookhaven Nano DLS flow system
  • Agilent gas chromatography with auto sampling; both FID and TCD detectors
  •  High-voltage power supply, oscilloscopes, and waveform generators
  • Air Sentry automated chemical fume hoods each equipped with high-pressure gas delivery capabilities for catalysis research, grounding bars, vacuum pumps, and gas sensors
  • Custom T-slot framed enclosure with ventilation for reconfigurable modular experiments
  • Glove box with catalyst regeneration system
  • Glassware oven, programmable furnaces, and explosion-proof refrigerator

Safety Guidlines

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Telephone: 646-997-3958
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