Hartman Research Laboratory

This state-of-the-art facility was designed as a world-class chemical reaction engineering laboratory with unique capabilities not often found in academia.  The laboratory, consisting of over 1100 sq. ft. of space, includes advanced Air Sentry chemical fume hoods specially designed for continuous-flow, multiphase reactions and materials science using ultra-high purity gases.  A double-sided walk-in hood is equipped with vibration sensitive analytics for in-situ discovery.  Spectroscopic methods such as a Horiba Scientific LabRAM HR confocal Raman spectrometer system and high-speed microscopy are available for in-situ analyses in microreactors.  Peripheral equipment includes a 5’x8′ optical table for the Raman system, de-ionized water system with ultraviolet treatment, high-pressure syringe pumps, thermoelectric and liquid-based heating and cooling systems, a glove box, and data acquisition hardware and software.  The laboratory also hosts a state-of-the-art gas delivery system with automated real-time monitoring and control of ultra-high purity, high-pressure, flammable gases, and for the generation of plasmas.  High performance gas cabinets include electronically controlled manifolds with touchscreens, while HD LED monitors, gas sensors and LED alarms, and high-grade seemless stainless steel plumbing are throughout the laboratory.  Advanced industrial safety practices were designed into our laboratory based on industrial partnerships and experience.  This includes graduate student and postdoctoral associate offices adjacent to the laboratory for quick access, while the floor plan considers organizational psychology.

Safety Guidlines

E-mail: Ryan.Hartman@nyu.edu
Telephone: 646-997-3958
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
6 MetroTech Center room 817
Brooklyn, NY 11201