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The NYU Tandon Nanofabrication Cleanroom, located in the Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY, is home to world-class micro- and nanofabrication and metrology tools, which meet or exceed the demands of academic and industry users alike. With over ~ 2000 sq. ft. of Class 1000 space, the NanoFab is appropriately equipped to meet the present and future demands for device fabrication.

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Our mission is to excel as a leading high-quality research laboratory engaged in education, discovery, and innovation with social, intellectual, and economic impact in the New York region, the nation, and the world.

We support nanoscale research across multiple disciplines.  Our mission is to provide researchers with world class nanofabrication equipment and metrology tools in our Class 1000 Cleanroom, along with providing chemicals, metals and/or other materials needed for experiments.  We support scientific discoveries and the creation of new devices and materials by providing technical expertise and mentorship to help users optimize the capabilities of our facility, as well as assisting researchers in realizing their project goals in a timely and economical fashion while obtaining results suitable for patents, publications, and commercialization.

The NYU Nanofabrication Cleanroom is dedicated to advancing cutting edge nano materials research and development to support the realization of the vast potential these materials hold.  The Cleanroom welcomes researchers from all disciplines, start-ups, larger industrial organizations, government personnel, and other universities.  We are dedicated to creating solutions that can tackle tomorrow’s problems, today.  We encourage invention, innovation, and discoveries that will help to create a more vibrant and sustainable future.


Equipment Status


The NYU Tandon Nanofabrication Cleanroom houses equipment in approximately 2000 square feet of space. The space contains a Class 1000 air filtration system, in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The Cleanroom contains 4 research bays, each primarily dedicated to a particular type of fabrication process.

  • Photolithography Bay:
    • Contains photoresist spin coating and development hoods, as well as equipment for contact alignment photolithography
    • Contains metrological equipment for surface and interface characterization
  • Etch Bay:
    • Contains an O2 plasma cleaning system
    • Contains wet etch and solvent fume hoods for wet chemicals processing
  • Deposition Bay:
    • Contains an ALD/PVD-IBE Cluster Tool, which can perform ion-beam etching, as well as the atomic layered deposition (ALD) of dielectrics, metals and silicon and the sputtering or evaporation of thin films. The system is equipped with a transfer robot which allows insitu processing between modules
    • Contains a 3 pocket thermal evaporation system
  • E-beam Lithography Bay
    • Contains a Raith 150Two e-beam pattern generator capable of generating features as small as 50 nm with a 20 nm pitch between lines and spaces
    • Contains dedicated e-beam resist spin coating and development fume hoods


NYU Tandon NanoFab Cleanroom  
6 Metro Tech Center
Room 819A
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jacob Trevino, PhD