equipment | Deposition and Dry Etching

Nano-36 Thermal Evaporator


  • Depositing thin layers of a metal on a sample surface


  • 3 source thermal evaporation
  • ±5% deposition uniformity across 6” wafer

Allowed User Materials

  • Wafers or wafer pieces (new or previously processed)
  • Photoresist
  • Lift-Off Resist

Example Processes:

  • Evaporating a layer of Au 100nm thick for use as an alignment mark
  • Evaporating a 30 nm total thickness Cr/Au layer for use as a metal contact

Safety Guidlines

Nano-36 Standard Operating Procedure


NYU Tandon NanoFab Cleanroom  
6 Metro Tech Center
Room 819A
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jacob Trevino, PhD