The Institute for Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (IIIE@Tandon) will realize it vision through a wide range of activities. These include:

    • Serving as a one-stop shop that leads and coordinates all school-wide activities that promote invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship
    • Generating a nurturing intellectual environment that will allow faculty and student to pursue original interdisciplinary research focused on the exploitation of intellectual property and the translation of science and engineering breakthroughs into new technologies, products, and processes in service to society
    • Exploring new experiential learning opportunities to integrate invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship into our courses and programs to provide every student with the basic knowledge and experience of entrepreneurial thinking
    • Connecting faculty and students with the NYU Tandon Future Labs, the NexusLabs, the NYC Media Lab, the VR/AR Lab
    • Connecting faculty and students to entities at other Schools of NYU that promote invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship, e.g. the Lesie eLab, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, the Creative Destruction Lab, the Berkley Innovation Lab, etc.
    • Promoting student participation in NYU Tandon and other NYU competitions such as InnoVention, the Summer Launchpad Program, and the $300k Entrepreneurs Challenge
    • Linking the NYU Tandon community to the broader NYC technology scene through hackathons, workshops, competitions, guest lectures and tech talks
    • Creating the infrastructure for faculty and students to turn their ideas into successful ventures


The Institute for Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (IIIE@Tandon) serves as the focal point for all research, educational, and service activities in support of Tandon’s goal to integrate Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship into its academic culture and to advance student and faculty appreciation of and skills in inventiveness, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial and design thinking.


Kurt Becker
Vice Dean for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship