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CIE Mission Statement

Black Lives Matter. The Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute at New York University Tandon School of Engineering feels strongly that the racial injustices before us today represent an imbalance in the voices that support equality and humanity. We stand with people of color, black, indigenous, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (or queer) and women. Our goal is to be an institution that champions innovation through inclusion and diversity. We actively endeavor to foster an environment for people of historically underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and entrepreneurship. It is our goal to lift the voices of these marginalized groups and let them be heard and celebrated.


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Jin Kim Montclare

Director, CIE Institute

David Lefer

Co-Director, CIE Institute

Sara Thermer

Adjunct Faculty/ Course Administrator

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Calendar of Events

2022 Senior Design Capstone Competition- Competing Teams

Plumeria Cookware:   Plumeria cookware is a cookware brand that tries to solve many annoying problems with the cookware that most people own. Our brand is focused on designing ceramic non-stick, non-toxic, and aesthetically pleasing cookware that offer consistent heating performance, great storability, food-safe materials, long-lasting durability and customizability. (Jason Tsao)…

Fireside Chat with Rosario Casas: On Embracing Your Authenticity as an Entrepreneur

By:Alara Tuncer   For women’s history month Dr. Jin Montclare, director of CIE and professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering interviewed Rosario B. Casas, a female entrepreneur and extraordinaire. In addition to reflecting on her experience as a self-starter in a male-dominated field, Casas shared unique insights…

Rezonn Biosystems—New Approach for Drug Discovery

By: Alara Tuncer The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that relies on the consistent discovery and development of new drugs for existing and emerging diseases. Co-founded by Dr. Iwao Teraoka and Natalie H. Luo, Rezonn Biosystems aims to introduce a new technology that uses a “photonic sensor system”…

Coopsight—Grow Together

By: Alara Tuncer Co-founders of Coopsight, George Chichua, Thomas Yee and Erol Bickici, are participants of the NYU Sprint from NYU Shanghai. Thomas Yee begins our conversation by saying that “it’s been a crazy ride.” He goes onto explaining how observations they’ve made in China have shaped…

Brooklyn Bioscience—solving the world's agricultural problems one protein at a time!

By: Alara Tuncer   Brooklyn Bioscience is a start-up that aims to “develop and commercialize protein-based research tools.” It all began when Jacob Kronenberg, Dr Stanley Chu and Dr Priya Katyal, researchers at NYU Tandon, identified a problem: the use of harmful pesticides in the farming industry. As protein…

MotionCure—coding to alleviate motion sickness

By: Alara Tuncer As researchers we dream of making a meaningful contribution to society that addresses one of the many problems we face today. For MotionCure this was the problem of motion sickness. Although they are still in the pipeline for coding their initial prototype, founded by Nastaran Arfaei (

OsteoSonics- Dental Innovation

—a start-up that aims to use focused ultrasound to reduce recovery time in bone-related procedures! By: Alara Tuncer Talking all about “bone, healing, speeding everything up and reducing infections,” I had the opportunity to sit down with David Hodges (NYU College of Dentistry) from OsteoSonics to ask about…

Farewell Interview: DIF Francesco Lavini

By: Alara Tuncer Francesco Lavini is now concluding his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Physics from NYU Tandon School of Engineering, along with it, his journey as a CIE Diversity and Inclusion Fellow has also come to an end. Although Lavini joined CIE to understand the specifics of transitioning from…

ViBILLER Interview

By: Alara Tuncer In 2021, the estimated net worth of the live concert industry was $17.4 billion, a figure expected to climb up to $31.1 billion by 2024 globally. To date, there are only a few ways of objectively evaluating engagement and interest of live concerts. ViBILLER is a start-up…

Spring 21 Pre-capstone Innovation Final Presentation: Split Air Sensor

Alara Tuncer   Split-Air Sensor designed by finalists Simon Kahn (CSE major), Benjamin Liang (CSE major) and Palak Jauhari (CBE major) promises to “change the landscape for air pollutant quantification” in underground transit systems. This innovative air quality sensor is designed to accurately detect particulate matter, PM, in the underground…

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Myriam Sbeiti from Sunthetics

By Barr Morgenstein   The team at Sunthetics participated in the Summer Startup Sprint in 2017 and has since gone on to develop their product and begin hiring plans for the Fall.   With the mission of creating a greener manufacturing path for nylon, Myriam Sbeiti and Daniela Blanco’s…

Rachel Serwetz from WOKEN

By Barr Morgenstein   WOKEN is the first candidate-focused career exploration platform that educates, motivates and arms job seekers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to confidently identify and forge a career path they'll love. We interviewed Rachel Serwetz to learn more about her experience as the founder of…

Craig Wilkinson & Ummay Habiba from Robotyze

By Barr Morgenstein Robotyze is a start-up that focuses on educating the world through self-motivated gaming. Composed of teachers and engineers, they strive to provide a fun environment where children WANT to learn.    What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started out?…

Interview with Team Releasur

By Barr Morgenstein Releasur is an online platform aimed at connecting aspiring Hip Hop artists with the videographers needed for their projects. We sat down with the Releasur team to learn more about their startup and their exciting plans for the future.     What do you know now that…

Gabriel Zalles from Modern Ambisonic Solutions

By Barr Morgenstein       Modern Ambisonic Solutions is working to develop a VR microphone designed with scalability and cost in mind. The microphone’s main use aims to give recording engineers flexibility during post-production. Future versions may include a merger with a camera manufacturer providing a 360 degree audio…

Interview with Abhiroop CVK from Hutsy (formerly FlareAgent)

By Barr Morgenstein Hutsy (formerly FlareAgent) is all about stress-free home buying, empowered by a hybrid agent-tech process. We interviewed Husty’s co-founder Abhiroop CVK, and heard about his experiences in the entrepreneurial world and Hutsy’s evolution from idea to a company. What do you know now that you wish you…

Interview with Rina Patel from The Thinkers Global

By: Barr Morgenstein   ‘The Thinkers Global’ offers high school and university students practical life skills, preparing them for a self-sustaining and prosperous adulthood. Their recently launched e-learning programs are designed to provide practical skills in the areas of executive functioning, life design, confidence, and communication skills.   We…

Interview with Prof Sara Thermer

By: Barr Morgenstein   In light of the current health situation, all school activities moved online. For some, e-learning was always part of the syllabus. We discussed with Prof. Sara Thermer, the lead instructor of the pre-capstone entrepreneurship course, to learn her perspective on the changes taking place.   What…

ShockTalk Interview #Vlog

Sara Thermer had the opportunity to sit with participants from the past Summer's Startup Sprint cohort. Team ShockTalk gave her some insight on their App, which seeks to decrease adverse mental health effects in Native American and Alaska Natives (NA/ANs) by focusing on healing unresolved historical and intergenerational trauma. Check…

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Thriving Amidst Chaos

Fall 2020 PreCapstone Innovation Experience Final Presentations By Lillian K Wang   The PreCapstone Innovation Experience is a hybrid (online and in person) instruction course that allows students from various engineering disciplines to create a tangible solution to a real-life problem. Typically, the PreCapstone Innovation Experience consists of online modules…

It’s a Sprint of the Times

By: Dustin Britton

Startup Sprint Participants, Coaches, and Instructors saying good-bye over Zoom

  The Summer Startup Sprint has found a way to carry on another round with teams and ideas as inspiring as ever. Despite the difficult circumstances affecting an interactive entrepreneurial program, teams from all over…

My NYU Experience: Words from a Diversity & Inclusion Fellow

By: Barr Morgentstein   I moved to New York in November of 2017. I had visited New York many times before, but this was my first New York winter (I was greeted by snow and frigid winds). Coming from the hot and arid Israeli weather, it was quite a shock.…

And the Show Must Go On

Spring 2020 Precapstone Innovation Experience Course Finale By James Perez   When planning for the spring 2020 Precapstone Innovation experience course, it never crossed our minds that we would have all our planning interrupted by a pandemic. Normally our course is a hybrid course of online instruction and in…

2020 J-Term Startup Sprint Finale...and now, to the future!

By Francesco Lavini For the past 2 weeks, the 2020 J-Term Startup Sprint teams have been working uninterruptedly on their startups and ideas, under the experienced guidance and constant support of the Leslie e-Lab Entrepreneurial Institute mentors. Co-sponsored by the Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute total of…

Helping Startups Startup: 2020 J-term Startup Sprint

By James Perez   Typically during the end of  the semester students are preparing to de-stress, but not everyone is in such a hurry. A select few each semester decide to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit by taking part in the Startup Sprint hosted by the Entrepreneurial Institute at…

Female Founders Forum 2020 – Inspiring all generations of female entrepreneurs

By Francesco Lavini   In the wake of the tremendous success of previous years, the NYU Female Founder Forum is back on 2020 for its 3rd edition. Powered by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute in partnership with the Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute at NYU Tandon and the…

Chat&Chew : Entrepreneurial Spirit, the Defining Measure

By: James Perez The Convergence of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)  Institute , directed by Professor Jin Montclare, was invited to the Chat&Chew series. Hosted by the Women in Engineering Science Technology and Math (WEST-M), Chat&Chew is an attempt to outreach the Tandon community; highlighting any opportunities that may…

2019 J-Term Startup Sprint Concludes Presentations

By Manish Devjani and Christina Moazed The final event for the J-Term Startup Sprint 2019 took place on January 18th, with an impressive set of presentations. A total of 12 teams were involved in the program.  The teams were tackling meaningful challenges across diverse sectors from real estate to healthcare,…

#NYUFemaleFounders Establishes New Legacy Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship

by Peter J Mattingly

On Friday, January 26th, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Convergence of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) Institute hosted the Spring Semester Kickoff for the #NYUFemaleFounders, a community-building initiative that engages women entrepreneurs on campus with mentoring programs and networking opportunities throughout…

2019 Summer Sprint : Off to an Excellent Start  

By Shubham Aggarwal The Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute in partnership with the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute welcomed the new cohort for the 2019 Summer Startup Sprint. It took place on May 28th at the Leslie e-Lab with a set of impressive presentations. Each team was required to provide a…

2019 Summer Startup Sprint: Its A Wrap!

By Barr Morgenstein   For the last two weeks, the 2019 Summer Sprint teams have been working intensively with the mission to build their own startups. With enthusiasm and much effort, the 14 teams, consisting of 32% female co-founders, presented their work from the last few weeks. Some needed to…

Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Future This Summer!

by Madhumita Sawant and Peter Mattingly

Hosted by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Convergence of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) in the MakerSpace at the Tandon School of Engineering, the Summer Accelerator Program conducted its first round of info sessions on Monday, March 5th, 2018. The Summer Accelerator Program will offer all…

And They’re Off On Their Summer Sprint 2018

by Manish Kumar

The Summer Sprint 2018 kicked off with an exciting agenda that included orientation, discussion on customer development, value propositions, and customer discovery.  Frank Rimalovski, the executive director at NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, and Rebecca Silver, assistant director, led the initial discussions. All the teams also had an opportunity…

Chat & Chew 2019 Review: Connect with your Classmates Instantly

College is a fun yet stressful time, as you adjust to new people and experiences. The transition from high school and then from year to year can be tough. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick, reliable way to get some extra help? Mei is the first-ever…

Chat and Chew Focuses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

by Manish Kumar and Christina Moazed A special Chat and Chew event focused on innovation and entrepreneurship hosted by the Women in Engineering Science Technology and Math (WEST-M) took place in Makerspace at Tandon.  Professor Jin Montclare started by talking about the Convergence of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Institute

E- Team Grant Program 2017

E-Team Program provides funding, immersive workshops, and specialized coaching to student STEM innovators to help them move their inventions into the marketplace.

Students are encouraged to apply for Venture Well’s E- Team Grant Program to receive: Hands-on workshops to move innovations forward The opportunity to take a step…

Empowering Women at the 2nd Annual Female Founders Forum

By Manish Devjani and James Perez The second annual Female Founders Forum event took place on April 12th at TwoSigma Ventures, with an impressive set of speakers. The afternoon program included four different panels.  The panelists discussed key issues impacting female founders, including challenges faced in venture capital business, playing…

Faculty Startup Sprint 2018 Concludes Presentations

by Vivek Jayaraman, Manish Kumar

The final event for the Faculty Startup Sprint 2018 took place on August 31st, with an impressive set of presentations. A total of 13 teams were involved in the program. Each team was required to provide a 10-minute summary of their startup concept, the…

Final Summer Sprint 2018 Presentations Conclude

by Christina Moazed

The third week of the Summer Sprint 2018 concludes the final presentations for this year’s program. Each team displayed incredible progress in their presentation skills and evolvement of ideas. While some teams received more positive feedback among others, all five teams were consistently complemented once providing an…

First Annual 2017 J-Term Startup Sprint Teams Selected

by Fiona Teng

We are pleased to announce the 14 teams selected to participate in the 1st annual J-Term Startup Sprint (a.k.a. J-Sprint)! Out of nearly 80 applicants, we’ve selected the teams that best demonstrated a combination of diverse founders rooted in STEM, an aim to address a meaningful…

Introductory Faculty Startup Sprint 2018

by Christina Moazed

The welcoming event for the Faculty Startup Sprint 2018 took place on August 2nd, with an impressive set of presentations. Each team was required to provide a 2-minute summary of their startup concept, in addition to customers who they plan on interviewing, and an overview of…

J-Term Startup Sprint 2017

Ready to push your startup out of the blocks? Get set for a 2-week intensive program for NYU undergrads, grad students & postdocs to get funding, experiment, learn from customers, and receive expert coaching on their ventures. Have an idea, a team, or a project you’re working on which you want to turn into a startup?…

Kicking off the 2018 NSF I-Corps Sponsored Summer Sprint Program

by Christina Moazed

The NYU I-Corps sponsored Summer Sprint program kick-off lunch was held at the MakerSpace at NYU Tandon School of Engineering on May 21st and hosted by the Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Institute and NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Picture: Speakers shed…

Networking and Innovation with SAP

by Madhumita Sawant, Peter J Mattingly

The NYU e-Inclusion Network and SAP Next-Gen Labs converged for a networking event in midtown Manhattan on Friday, October 13th, to bring together women and underrepresented talent to support and celebrate diversity in STEM entrepreneurship. Hosted at the SAP Leonardo Center in Hudson…

NSF I-Corps Info Session 2018 @ NYU Tandon-Know, Learn & Take a Leap to Innovate!

by Anuja Bhatt, Peter Mattingly

Held on October 26th and 27th in the iconic MakerSpace at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, the NYU I-Corps Summer 2018 Program hosted its first round of info-sessions on opportunities next summer for students. Hosted by the Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)…

NSF I-Corps Program Sees Exponential Growth

by Manish Kumar

The 6th Annual Network meeting for NYC Regional Innovation Node was held on July 10th.  The registered attendees exceeded 425 and came from various States in the Northeast region.  The growth in attendees is a reflection on how the NSF I-Corps program is expanding rapidly. The event…

NYU Tandon Invites Diversity, Networking, and Innovation at Latest Chat and Chew

by Shuai Fang, Peter J Mattingly, and Lan Mi

Hosted by the Women in Engineering, Science, Technology, and Math (WESTM) Initiative, and the Convergence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Institute, Tandon’s latest “Chat and Chew” provided a diverse group of students a fun lunch with a unique focus on…

NYU Tandon Students Tackle Prototyping in the Pre-Capstone Innovation Experience Course

by Madhumita Sawant and Peter J. Mattingly

Offered last Fall, the “Pre-Capstone Innovation Experience” (PCIE) course prepared and mentored undergraduate student engineers through their capstone and senior design projects.  As they were exposed to design thinking and customer discovery processes, the NYU Tandon students practiced with multidisciplinary engineering prototyping…

NYU Tandon TRIO Scholars Get a Head Start

By Shubham Aggarwal     The TRIO’s information session happened on 19-August-2019  at the Dibner Library, Brooklyn Campus of NYU. Interested students were given an overview of what could be expected from the BS/MS Program. Jennifer Piro (Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs) and Sara-Lee Ramsawak (Director, Academics & Global Programs) explained…

Pre-capstone Innovation Course Presentations

2019 Pre-Capstone Course Final Presentations Showcases Innovative Prototypes By Md Shamim Reza and James Perez     The final presentation for 2019 Pre-Capstone Innovation course took place on May 9th, with an impressive set of presentations. The VentureWell supported course was designed for students to embrace design thinking and…

Ready Set . . . Sprint!

By James Perez   When the idea of hosting a summer launchpad style boot-camp for entrepreneurs, faculty and students alike, it was never anticipated the amount of innovation and raw talent that we would come across. With the collaborative efforts of the Entrepreneurial Institute, on August 30th ,2019 we…

Ready, Steady, Go! It’s Time for the 2019 Faculty Startup Sprint

By Shubham Aggarwal,   The welcoming event for the Faculty Startup Sprint 2019 took place on August 2nd, with an impressive set of presentations. Nine selected teams were required to provide a 2-minute summary of their startup concept, in addition to customers who they plan on interviewing, and an overview…

Startups and Other Leadership Opportunities for Female Founders in Tech

by Peter Mattingly, Vihit Vyas

On October 26, prospective entrepreneurs of the NYU community gathered at the Leslie eLab near Washington Square Park for a morning dedicated to the recognition and empowerment of women and underrepresented minorities in fintech startups. Powered by Quesnay, and hosted by the NYU Entrepreneurial…

Summer Sprint 2018 Continues with Focus on Markets and Competition

by Manish Kumar

The second week of the Summer Sprint 2018 kicked off with a focus on sizing up the market and competition. David Lefer led the discussion and talked about the advantages of being smaller. It allows teams to move faster, the level of tolerance for risk is higher,…

Tandon’s CIE Institute Launches First NYU I-Corps Summer Program

Above: Chandrika Tandon with the first cohort of the NYU I-Corps Summer Program Chandrika Tandon (center), Chair of the Tandon School of Engineering’s Board of Overseers and Vice Chair of the NYU Board of Trustees, offered words of advice and support to the first cohort of the NYU I-Corps Summer…

The 2019 Forbes Idea Incubator Challenge Showcased Female Leaders of the Future

By Christina Moazed On March 2nd, students unveiled their STEM skills in order to develop answers to the following proposed question: How will electric vehicles and charging stations impact the overall mobility ecosystem of a city? Overall, 23 women students from NYU Tandon contributed to the challenge. For the challenge,…

Who run the world? Women Entrepreneurs!

by Madhumita Sawant, Peter Mattingly

Hailed as a tremendous success, NYU’s first ever Female Founders Symposium (“#NYUFemaleFounders”), held at Two Sigma Ventures on April 13th, 2018, allied aspiring women entrepreneurs across New York City with the some of the most successful frontrunners and mentors in the startup industry. Above:…

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Summer I-Corps 2019

The NYU I-Corps summer program uses the Lean LaunchPad methodology to show the teams how to develop a STEM idea into a viable commercial product and commercialize it. Each team will receive initial funding to create a prototype and be eligible to apply for additional funding of $1,000 to $3,000 by successfully completing the program.

Participants in the program, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, will also learn how the skills learned through entrepreneurship can make them better scientists or engineers.

Read the news coverage on the program here.

Benefits to the program are:

● Funding to produce prototypes for successful participants.
● Training in the Lean LaunchPad methodology.
● Partnerships with technical and business mentors.
● Validation of customers and minimum viable product.

Who should apply:

● Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged to apply, but individuals without a team will also be considered. The program will then help them connect with others.
● Those who are interested in tackling a social challenge (like food waste, access to clean water, health) but do not have a specific technical or scientific solution in mind.
● Those without a specific idea or goal, but who want to learn more about startup culture and how it can improve STEM research


FAQ/Criteria and Guidelines:

Is it possible to work full time during the program? We expect that the student leader has a full-time commitment to I-Corps for the summer workshop. Lean requires a lot of effort. If you are interested but must work, we recommend that you make yourself a team member and select a colleague to be the student leader.

Team Members
Is it necessary to have team members? How can I find them? It might be tempting to try this alone, but there is too much work to do in a short period for one person. It’s helpful for you to have current students on your team, but other options are possible: friends, family, and alumni can participate so long as they are committed to your project. If you cannot find team members, your application will not be disqualified; we will be happy to connect you with other applicants who need a team after you apply.

Can international students participate? What about graduate students? The student leader must be a continuing NYU undergraduate or graduate student. Your team may include an alum, but not as the leader: graduating students should make themselves a team member and select someone else to be the student lead. International students are welcome.




“Pre-Capstone Innovation Experience” course is designed for our undergraduate engineering students in their sophomore/junior year, and is aimed at preparing them for capstone/senior design projects. This Course will better prepare them for senior capstone projects while providing them the skills to identify the important problem and crucial customer needs.



1) to provide students with multidisciplinary engineering prototyping tools spanning biological engineering to circuit design;
2) to expose student to customer discovery process and Lean Launchpad methods;
3) to facilitate E-team formation around multidisciplinary groups;
4) to prepare students for innovative capstone prototypes and transform them to commercial ventures.



Academically, our undergraduate engineering students begin their college careers with a freshman forum course, EG 1001/1003, devoted to getting them to think as entrepreneurs about solving technical and scientific problems. While there are student competitions and entrepreneurial clubs (vide infra) to provide incentives for engaging in customer-centered challenges, there is really no curricular exposure to such entrepreneurial endeavors until possibly in the senior capstone project, where a limited number of our students identify crucial challenges and problems to address. In fact, many of our undergrads struggle with finding a worthwhile engineering problem, let alone one that has a real customer need.



A fundamental gap is that there is limited curricular content that help prepare our engineering seniors for: (1) identifying a suitable ‘real-world’ problem and (2) engaging in multidisciplinary teams. Foremost, the engineering curriculum for most majors is very structured with very little to exposure of other disciplines beyond their home department, requiring students to engage in entrepreneurial activities as extra-curricular. Secondly, our pedagogies have been slow to embrace multi- disciplinary given that our training as educators has been more traditional.



We are piloting an upper-level course that would feature three research-active faculty members who take four weeks of the course each to engage students in engineering tools. Students will form teams after learning about the tools and develop multidisciplinary semester-long projects that students could pursue as a capstone. After the engineering tools introduction and team development, the students will then undergo ideation and business model validation and customer development portion. Understanding the customer’s needs is essential to generating a viable business; this customer insight achieved through experiential team-based learning is central to the proposed class. We will focus on assembling 5-6 teams bearing groups of 3-4 students. The teams will be responsible for developing value propositions based on the technology and will test them through the customer discovery process. They will test new hypotheses on the value proposition for a particular customer segment. Each link from IP to a particular customer segment will be assessed through direct interviews. From this student teams will gain insights into the market.

Pre-Capstone Program 2020 1
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 1
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 2
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 2
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 3
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 3
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 4
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 4
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 5
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 5
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 6
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 6
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 7
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 7
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 8
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 8
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 9
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 9
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 10
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 10
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 11
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 11
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 12
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 12
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 13
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 13
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 14
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 14
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 15
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 15
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 16
Pre-Capstone Program 2020 16



Many schools require senior capstones — multidisciplinary projects that showcase the problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking skills that students have developed over the preceding years, as well as their research prowess, proficiency in planning, and willingness to engage in teamwork.


MD Raz, 2019

Mohammed Fahim 


The Smart Mirror keeps you prepared, informed, and looking your best and helps you keep your goals, deadlines, and important dates at a glance on your way out the door.


Htoo Min,

Victoria Sykora-Lovaas,

Joe Kracz,

Ujjwal Singhania,


Hugo is an academic course management platform designed to decrease the workload on faculty by reducing the number of emails received from students. At the core of the platform is an artificial intelligence-fueled chatbot that allows students to ask questions ranging from logistical (where is my class?) to course-related (what is AI?).


Brian Boyle, BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2019

Enson Chen, BS Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2019 

Andy Huang,


Convenience . . . delivered. The product provides a combined hardware and software solution for the safe and secure exchange of goods.


Fangi Zeng, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019

William Hsu, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Elaine Li, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Terry Tong, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Benson Li, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Joey Wong, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019



At the third annual Senior Capstone Competition and Showcase on May 7, 2018  many graduating undergraduate students got opportunity to let their talents shine.  They  spent their final year creating, building, and designing their senior capstone project. A culminating project that embodies all of their academic and entrepreneurial skills they’ve developed during their time at NYU Tandon.

Sponsored by the Convergence of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Institute, the 2018 Senior Capstone Competition featured 19 teams who took over the MakerSpace and guided crowds of students, faculty, and guests through demos of their designs. From the 19, six teams were selected by the capstone competition committee, which includes Industry Professor Michael Knox,MakerSpace Manager Victoria Bill, and Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and CIE Institute director Jin Montclare, to pitch their capstone projects to a panel of judges.


Meraj Choudhury, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2018 

Navindra Sawh, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2018 


The duo designed a more cost-effective option for current robotic exoskeletons that are used in physical therapy, which tend to be very expensive. The primary function of the exoskeleton is to stimulate the neuromuscular system of the user by allowing them to perform simulated or assisted walking. With many robotic exoskeletons costing upwards of $80,000, EXO2 would be a cheaper and effective option for patients undergoing physical therapy.


Alexis Zerata, BS Integrated Digital Media minor in business, 2018


Over 40 million adults in the U.S. currently experience anxiety, and 2-3% of Americans experience panic disorders in a year according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Being an Integrated Digital Media major, she decided to create a mobile app and wearable ring that uses AR to guide people through breathing techniques in a discrete manner. Users hold up their phone to scan their ring, a flower appears on the screen over the ring, and opens and closes at calming intervals to slow down their heart rate.


Alex Concepcion, BS Electrical Engineering, 2018

Nasif Islam, BS Electrical Engineering, 2018

Eshka-Ne Kumar, BS Electrical Engineering, 2018


When firefighters enter buildings to combat a fire, or military personnel conduct an operation, they tend to use manual radio transmissions to estimate their locations, but situational factors can cause issues such as heavy smoke. Using LoRa for its long-range capabilities, which enables their device to transmit data to a remote computer, estimate distance traveled of each firefighter at a specific location, and also track the path history of each individual.


Luciana Jaalouk, BS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2018

Eduardo Hernandez Vivar, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Justin TalevskiBS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2018

Marc RozmanBS Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Shivam Suleria, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2018


Winging-It is an electric R/C aircraft that competed at the 2018 Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) Aero Design West Competition in California. After winning third place at the national competition and 10th place internationally where they competed against 37 teams, the NYU SAE Aero Design Team’s aircraft successfully completed five flights where it excelled at carrying a maximum payload similar to a commercial airliner.


Undergraduate students presented their culminating capstone projects as part of the second annual Senior Capstone Competition, sponsored by the Convergence of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Institute. The competition gives undergraduates a unique opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills as well as the chance to win cash prizes to fund future endeavors on their projects.Six teams were selected by the capstone competition committee, which included industry professor Michael Knox and associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and CIE Institute director Jin Montclare, to pitch their prototypes to a panel of reputed judges at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s 2017 Research Expo.


First Place

First place winners Dimitrios Lintzeris and Daniel Targonski, both majors in electrical engineering, created a fully autonomous pedestrian traffic counter that tracks and gathers data on the amount of people passing by a business during a day.

Second Place

The statistics are staggering for deaths resulting from collisions between bicyclists and motor vehicles. With an estimated 40% of these fatalities occurring after a car crashed into a bicyclist from behind, electrical engineering students Aimee NogoyTakuya Fukui, and Wai San Gu created the safety device RadarWAT to alert cyclists to cars that are approaching too closely behind their bicycle.

Third Place

The third place prize went to Frederick Bills, Artur Chodor, Bartosz Chodor, Garrett Harbeson, Sakir Hossain, and Katrina Johnk, who designed and manufactured an aircraft for the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) Aero Design East 2017 competition. Students engineered a model passenger aircraft that maximizes the passenger and cargo load, while minimizing power consumption. Featuring a dual-airfoil wing, an octagonal fuselage and staggered passenger seating arrangement that resulted in less drag, the team’s design placed 15th out of 40 teams in the regular competition class, and secured 14th place for the Highest Payload — a feat for many of the team members in their first foray in aeroplane design.Check out the full article by Camila Ryder that covers Capstone 2017.


The school of Engineering hosted its first ever undergraduate senior capstone competition on April 27, 2016. Around 15 undergraduate teams, along with their capstone projects sent their applications for the competition. Five teams were selected for the final round and they got the chance to pitch their projects in front of a very reputed judging panel. Tandon School of Engineering’s inaugural capstone competition was a huge success and it has laid down the foundation for such competitions in the coming years. The aim of this competition is to hone the entrepreneurial skills of the engineering students while they are working on their senior year projects. It gives the engineering students, a huge incentive to work hard on their projects by competing with their friends and showcasing their business acumen and presentation skills.2016 Winners


Urbanomino explores how a city building game, like SimCity, might function when the people, the businesses, and developers of a city have a stake in shaping their city. By using a voting system, Urbanomino introduces an element of organic unpredictability to simulating the growth of a modern urban environment.


Matthew Conto, BS in Integrated Digital Media, May 2016


MEG is a wearable muscular exercise guide for physical therapy assistance including patients suffering from Lymphedema. It provides real-time feedback to customers on their exercising patterns to improve their technique and thereby enhance muscle growth.


Meshal Alhathal, BS in Electrical Engineering, May 2016
Devorah Shira, BS in ECE, May 2016


Traditional 3D printers have enabled increases in the complexity of the shape of parts but cannot produce functional or smart systems directly. This capstone project is aimed to create a 3D embedded systems manufacturing robot, which can incorporate electronics and energy harvesting systems directly into the final part in one step.


Steven Eric Zeltmann, BS+MS in Mechanical Engineering, May 2016
Matthew Lemanski, BS+MS in Mechanical Engineering, May 2016
William Peng, BS+MS in Mechanical Engineering, May 2016
Shawon Rabidas, BS in Mechanical Engineering, May 2016
Sandy Shen, BS+MS in Mechanical Engineering, May 2016
Avitosh Totaram, BS in Mechanical Engineering, May 2016

Senior Capstones Formal capstone courses, typically taken in a student’s senior year, are organized for the following majors:

We have developed guidelines for dealing with intellectual property (IP) issues in capstone projects.

e-Inclusion Network

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The e-Inclusion Network is a group of informal advisors that support women and other students from traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM and entrepreneurship. The role of women mentors is to prepare such members for the challenges and setbacks they may experience during their journey. The e-Inclusion Network Team will be supporting the students either remotely, or in person. This could be either through email, Skype, phone chat or even meeting them personally.

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Innovation Spaces

The Design Lab @ NYU MakerSpace

The Design Lab is The MakerSpace programming arm. It provides NYU students with opportunities to ideate, experiment, prototype, and build their ideas. It cultivates collaboration, nurtures students’ creative confidence and encourages collaboration and connects them with other parts of the NYU Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Design Lab at NYU Tandon MakerSpace fosters a community of creative technologists, critical thinkers, and social innovators.

The Design Lab is managed by 2 graduate students, the Design Lab Coordinators, who are trained in design thinking and work with Anne-Laure Fayard, Associate Professor of Design and Organizational Studies, Faculty Advisor to the MakerSpace, Victoria Bill, MakerSpace Manager and Christina Lafontaine, Design Specialist.

If you have an idea for a new project, if you want to learn more about design thinking or prototyping, check our programming and / or contact us If you are a student club leader, talk to us to reserve the space for events.


The new NYU Tandon School of Engineering MakerSpace is a collaborative workspace and lab that provides even greater opportunities for students and faculty to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. In addition to providing access to modern tools, from advanced software to milling machines to 3D printers to integrated manufacturing facilities, it functions as a stimulating environment which fosters collaborative learning and hosts guest lectures and special events.

Extracurricular Activities


Hosted by the NYU Entrepreneurship & Innovation Association, InnoVention is the engineering school’s signature prototyping competition for our student entrepreneurs. The 12-week competition challenges them to use their technical and scientific expertise to prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas in software and hardware. Through progressively intensive weekly sessions, students learn about IP, prototyping, monetization, pitch skills, and much more. They are mentored by successful alumni, faculty and NYC entrepreneurs. The event concludes in a final-round pitch and demonstration day.

Student Clubs

Our students are intensely passionate about pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavors and enjoy the opportunity to network with one another to expand upon their ideas. Student clubs focused on entrepreneurship are an ideal way for this to take place, while giving them the opportunity to hone their leadership skills. Here are a just few clubs that provide such opportunities:

  • Design for America of NYU (DFA)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association (EIA)
  • Patent Pending

View our Club Directory to find out more about these and other clubs at Tandon

Start-Up Community

Future Labs

NYU Tandon is commited to help emerging companies transform into thriving businesses through its incubator programs:

Admission is through a competitive application process, which includes vetting by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In their first five years, the incubators created nearly 1,300 new jobs, giving back to New York City $352.4M in economic impact. Half of the incubated businesses are faculty or student-affiliated.

Startup Sprints (Student Edition)


The J-Term Startup Sprint (January) and Summer Startup Sprint (May-June), offer NYU undergraduate, graduate students and post-doc startup teams the opportunity to test the value of their solutions. These are intensive two week long startup accelerator programs to get funding, conduct customer discovery and receive mentorship. Open to teams of NYU undergrad and graduate student entrepreneurs from any NYU school or college, with an idea, invention and/or early mock-up or prototype of their product or service. The Startup Sprint is intended for all types of startups which have high-growth potential, including non-profits. Whether focused on social innovation, software, medical devices, physical products, hardware, or other areas, all are welcome to apply.


Since participating in the 2018 January and Summer Sprints, teams have won the 300K Entrepreneurs ChallengeInnoVention Challenge, and TigerLaunch entrepreneurship competition, while 12 teams participated in either the NYU Summer Launchpad and/or Stern Venture Fellows summer 2018 program. Collectively teams have gone on to raise over $1 Million in competition funding, grants and private capital, while at least 8 of the teams are generating revenue!

Startup Sprint (Faculty Edition)

The Faculty Startup Sprint is a 5.5-day intensive program where faculty entrepreneurs and their PhD/postdoc teams test the commercial potential of their research with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, mentorship, workshops on selecting the right market, IP and fundraising, and more. The Faculty Sprint introduces methodology adopted by the NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE and other federal agencies. Participating teams will be well poised for a strong SBIR/STTR grant application in the future.

Get ready for a weeklong startup sprint, to test the commercial potential of your technology. Learn from Faculty Entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes, Opportunity to meet VCs, Experts in IP, Funding and other domains from across the NYU and NYC startup communities, grant providers and more. Learning how to run experiments to build your prototypes you’ll work alongside and learn from a community of fellow Faculty, PhD and Postdoc NYU startup founders.


Faculty Involvement


The incubators are home to several NYU Engineering faculty engineers-in-residence: faculty who leverage their entrepreneurial experience to assist start-ups through knowledge sharing about their own start-up efforts. These faculty assist incubated companies where there is affinity with their academic work or entrepreneurial background. They also offer periodic lectures at the incubators and serve as mentors to the start-ups, SPIKE participants, and other student organizations.


Curriculum Development

To support these efforts, the school is undertaking a development plan to include more opportunities for students to create entrepreneurial ventures in their courses. There are already a variety of current entrepreneurial-focused courses across the school for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Along with entrepreneurial finance, strategy, growing enterprises, intellectual property, marketing and sales, history of technology and innovation, and corporate entrepreneurship, the school has also adopted a mandatory course for first-year undergraduates that encourages them to think innovative and gives them the chance to create an entrepreneurial venture.


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James Perez

Senior Research Fellow- Team Lead

Dustin Britton

Research Fellow 2020-2021

Alara Tuncer

Research Fellow 2021-2022

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Prior Fellowship Leaders

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Barr Morgenstein

Research Fellow 2019-2020

Christina Moazed

Team Lead 2018-2019

Manish Kumar

Research Fellow 2018-2019

Vihit Ketan Vyas

Team Lead 2017-2018

Peter Mattingly

Data Analyst Fellow 2017-2018

Madhumita Sawant

Research Fellow 2017-2018

Shubham Aggarwal

Research Fellow 2019-2020

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NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s CIE Institute supports initiatives that help faculty and students reach greater heights by harnessing important technologies and re- imagining business ideas. We catapult these ideas into advanced, problem-solving innovations to address society’s greatest problems.

Our mission is to increase diversity and multi-disciplinary in STEM entrepreneurship and provide guidance as well as resources for STEM innovators to start-up.


For more information about these programs, please contact us at